biodegrable salon towels nz

Save The Environment

  eco-friendly salon towels nz

Save Time

  biodegrable salon towels nz

Save Money

  big towel company nz

Hygienic & Germ Free

100% biodegradable plastic-free
& non-toxic

Big Towel Company towels are made from certified renewable sources of wood fibre – usually spruce or pine. The trees are grown in regenerated forests that are constantly renewed so forests continue to exist. The towels are decomposed by naturally occurring micro-organisms into CO2 and water. Replacing cotton towels with Big Towel Company towels means no laundry, no chemicals contaminating the environment, no excess water usage.

  Big Towel Company towels
are ten times more absorbent than cotton towels.

Similar to a chamois, the super absorbency will aid in reducing blow-drying time by up to 40%. Greatly successful when doing colour/treatment services as the product is not diluted by excess water. Salons report a saving of up to 6-7 hours on laundry time weekly. These towels will also reduce your
storage problems.

  Businesses report up to 44% saving on the consumption of electricity by not washing towels.

Electricity and water is a huge cost to salons today. With staff no longer needing to spend hours washing and folding towels, they have become more productive and effective in the business. And for as little as 38 cents per towel (when purchased by the carton) you can introduce Big Towel Company towels into your salon, impressing your clients
and making a mark to reduce your
carbon footprint.

  Clean, fresh and sanitised,
for peace of mind.

Poor laundry practices encourage bacteria build-up and odour in regular towels. Using Big Towel Company eco-friendly towels, each client is offered a clean, fresh, sanitised towel, eliminating the risk of cross infection and giving you and your client peace of mind.